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MTSS and Diversity: Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based Practices for One and All!

We have confirmed that we will be doing follow up to our recent 2-Day MTSS Conference we held in May, 2018. We hosted 400 educators from across the Midwest, with most from the Chicago area but with attendees from across the country. Our waiting list was over 100.

We will be offering a variation of our original conference, where the nuts and bolts of MTSS practice again will be offered in Breakout Sessions. We will offer new Keynotes on new and important topics.

Our theme will be MTSS and Diversity, with careful attention to Evidence-Based Interventions WITHIN Trauma-Informed Practices. Keynotes will be by noted authorities on Trauma-Informed Practices (Dr. Clayton Cook), Diversity and Teams/Teaming (Drs. Alisia Moutrey and Ramar Smith), English Learners (Drs. Doris Left Baker and Scott Baker) and Special Education Law (Dr. Perry Zirkel).  These experts will be joining our other team of experienced MTSS presenters, W. Alan Coulter, Mark R. Shinn, Kim Gibbons, and Nancy Marchand Martella.

Due to space limitations, we will cap attendance at 350. Register early. We filled space for 400 within 30 dates of notification.

Join us by Registering and making Payment Arrangements at

For more information on this conference and our status for our 2018 conference in Chicago (Naperville) in May 2018, go to our on-line store at, email Mark R. Shinn, Ph.D. at or call at 847-275-7200.