Michelle M. Shinn, Ph.D. Principal and Executive Director, School District 67, Lake Forest, IL.

Michelle has walked the walk, implementing MTSS/RtI in her own building(s) and school district, in addition to providing staff development on implementation in school districts across the United States.

Staff Development

Practical, field-based choices to guide your own implementation


Mark R. Shinn, Ph.D., DBC Inc. President and Professor of School Psychology at National Louis University. 

Mark has provided staff development and MTSS/RtI implementation support to schools, school districts, and state departments of education in 43 states.


Providing you assistance in developing your own MTSS/RtI implementation plan

What We Do

Data-Based Consulting, Inc.

IMplementation Evaluation and FeedbacK

Providing you feedback on your own MTSS/RtI Implementation